XR General Nicotine Pouches

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About the product - XR General Nicotine Pouches

XR is now stepping into Nicotine Pouches with its latest innovation - XR Free from Tobacco. The Nicotine Pouches format gives a more discreet impression than traditional snus and, as the name suggests, the product is tobacco-free. An alternative for you who like the taste of tobacco but do not want the product to contain tobacco.

Facts about the product
Brand XR General 
Product Type All White 
Strength Normal
Nicotine 8 mg/g
Volume per package 14 g
Format Slim
Manufacturer Swedish Match





Nicotine 0.8%
pH Value 8.4
Moisture level 41,5%
Weight per portion 0.7g
Amount of portions 20

Tobacco (contains nicotine), water, salt, plan fibre, moisturizing (E 1520), acidity regulator, (E 500) aroma, sweetener (E 950)