VELO Iced Melon Mini

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About the product - VELO Wintery Watermelon Mini

The product formerly known as VELO Iced Melon Mini is now VELO Wintery Watermelon Mini. This new name reflects the same great quality and taste with a refreshed, seasonal twist.

The portion bags in VELO Wintery Watermelon Mini are made of plant fiber and infused with flavors from fruit and herbs. They feature a perforated, dry surface and a moist interior to ensure low drip. Each can contains 20 pouches. The minimalist can design clearly indicates the strength and flavour, and includes a compartment in the lid for storing used pouches conveniently.

Facts about the product
Brand VELO
Product Type All White Portion
Strength Normal
Nicotine 11,9 mg/g
Volume per package 10g
Format Mini
Manufacturer Bristish American Tobacco





Nicotine 0,8%
Weight per portion 0,5g
Amount of portions 20