Vårgårda Skog

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About the product - Vårgårda Skog White Portion

Vårgårda Skog (Vårgårda Forest) contains flavors of juniper berries and lavender, among others. The snus also has a hint of birch sap and wood sorrel, combined with the traditional tobacco character. Vårgårda Skog Vit Portion (Vårgårda Forest White Portion) are portions made of plant fibers, flavors, and tobacco. They come in a normal-sized format. The can has a compartment in the lid where you can place used portions.

Facts about the product
Brand Vårgårda
Product Type White Portion
Strength Normal
Nicotine 10 mg/g
Volume per package 20g
Format Normal
Manufacturer JTI


Extra strong



Nicotine 1%
Weight per portion 1g
Amount of portions 20