Lundgrens Skärgården

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About the product - Lundgrens Skärgården White Portion

Lundgren's journey continues. Now to a place outside Stockholm, the archipelago. The archipelago landscape offers a berry treasure, such as wild raspberries and strawberries.

The red summer berries, combined with classic tobacco flavors, set the taste for Lundgren's latest addition to the family.

The Lundgren Skärgården is a White Portion with normal-sized prills. The nicotine strength is Normal and has a nicotine content of 10 mg nicotine per gram of snus.

Facts about the product
Brand Lundgrens
Product Type White Portion
Strength Strong
Nicotine 10 mg/g
Volume per package 17,6g
Format Slim
Manufacturer Bristish American Tobacco





Nicotine 1%