ZYN Deep Freeze Slim Super Strong

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About the product - ZYN Deep Freeze Slim Super Strong 

ZYN Deep Freeze delivers an almost Arctic experience in the form of a cold, biting feeling along with an intense kick. We call it "The Deep Freeze Effect". The taste is fresh with a touch of eucalyptus and menthol which gives freshness in the mouth.

Facts about the product
Brand ZYN
Product Type All White Portion
Strength Extra Strong
Nicotine 16 mg/g
Volume per package 16,8g
Format Slim
Manufacturer Swedish Match


Extra strong


Nicotine 1.6%
pH Value 8.7
Moisture level 41%
Weight per portion 0.8g
Amount of portions 21

water, bulking (E 460), plant fibres, moisturizing (E 422), vegetable oil, salt, acidity regulator (E 525), nicotine, aroma, emulgator (E 471), sweetener (E 950).