G.4 Fizzy

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About the product - G.4 Fizzy Slim All White

G.4 FIZZY has a light character of citrus and grapefruit. Long and thin pouches with an optimised fit which is dry on the outside but with moist contents.

Facts about the product
Brand General G.4
Product Type Portion
Strength Strong
Nicotine 12,5 mg/g
Volume per package 19,2
Format Slim
Manufacturer Swedish Match





Nicotine 1,25%
pH Value 8.5
Moisture level 41%
Weight per portion 0.8g
Amount of portions 24

Tobacco (contains nicotine), water, cellulose (E 460), plant fibre , humectant (E 422), salt, aromas, emulgator (E 471) acidity regulator (E 525), sweetener (E 950) .