G.4 DARK FROST All White Slim

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About the product - G.4 DARK FROST All White Slim 

G.4 DARK FROST has a light and spicy character with clear elements of menthol and dark berries. The portions is with optimized fit that is dray on the surface with moist content for low purity and a lasting taste release. 

Facts about the product
Brand General G.4
Product Type Portion
Strength Extra Strong
Nicotine 18,5 mg/g
Volume per package 22g
Format Slim
Manufacturer Swedish Match


Extra strong



Nicotine 1.85%
pH Value 8.7
Moisture level 39,5%
Weight per portion 0.8g
Amount of portions 24

Tobacco (contains nicotine), water, cellulose (E 460), humectant (E 422), salt, vegetable oil, aromas, acidity regulator (E 525), sweetener (E 950) .