G.4 Cryo Slim All White

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About the product - G.4 Cryo Slim All White

G.4 Cryo Slim All White has a noticeable character of peppermint with an icing effect that spreads throughout the mouth and gives an extra, almost burning, bite to the high nicotine strength. The snus has clear hints of green mint, vanilla, sweetness and saltiness.

Facts about the product
Brand General G.4
Product Type All White
Strength Extremely Strong
Nicotine 22 mg/g
Volume per package 19,2
Format Slim
Manufacturer Swedish Match


Extremely strong



Nicotine 2.2%
pH Value 8.5
Moisture level 36,5%
Weight per portion 0.8g
Amount of portions 24

Tobacco (contains nicotine), water, cellulose (E 460), plant fibre, humectant (E 422), salt, aroma, acidity regulator (E 525), sweetener (E 950), emulgator (E 471).